Kletterleistungen: Wer hat was geklettert?

Kletterleistungen Wer hat was geklettert?

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Ohne Wettkämpfe bringen auch die vornehmlich am Plastik kletternden Spitzenleute ihre Kraft an den Fels. Wer was geklettert hat – gebündelt in unserer Übersicht.

Erstbegehung: Alexander Megos (DE) klettert Upgrade U (Fb 8C) im Frankenjura

... und Pornographie (9a)

Erstbegehung: Giuliano Cameroni (CH) klettert The Power of Now (Fb 8C) im Magic Wood (CH)

Jan Hojer klettert House of Shock (11) im Frankenjura

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@mammut_swiss1862 @madrockclimbing

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jan Hojer (@janhojer) am

... und weitere

Solveig Korherr (DE) klettert Body Building (8c/+) in Bürs (AT)

Flo Wientjes (DE) klettert Memento (Fb 8B+) in der Silvretta (AT)

Paige Claassen (US) klettert Kryptonite (5.14d) an der Fortress of Solitude (US)

Erstbegehung: Stefano Carnati (IT) klettert MegaGeremia (9a) am Comer See (IT)...

.... und Jungle Boogie (9a+) in Céüse (FR)

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Numbness • Made it back to Céüse for a three days trip with @gabrimoroni and @climbemall_ , taking advantage of the good weather conditions and finished off my project! My story with this route begins last year in April. After the send of “Biographie” I wanted to find another good project to try and the choice fell on “Three deegres of sepration”, but very soon I understood the dyno move was too far out of reach for me. So I shortly decided to change and check this other line, despite being scared by the fact that I had only seen a few people on it and by the things I had heard. Yet I immediately realized it suit my style quite well and the battle began. The pieces of the puzzle were rapidly coming together, so I soon started giving it promising tries, coming close in late May. The idea was to return in September, but eventually I couldn’t find the time. Waiting is a big part of every project, but with the weird situation the world faced this year, waiting was even harder and planning to visit Céüse this season seemed unrealistic. Fortunately as soon as borders were opened I had the chance to come back... and luckily with that slightly more power than last year! 25 really intense moves, on some of the sharpest crimps I’ve ever grabbed, without any rests, make up the first part of the route. The redpoint crux consists of a reachy lock off to a good two fingers pocket, which was not that hard for me to do individually, but coming from the ground it really became a struggle against finger numbness after so much crimping. Happily last friday everything worked out all right! Reaching the jug at the end of this sequence was a moment of pure joy, but staying present on the upper easier 20 metres slab (no fall zone) without any more energies and sensation in my fingers was definitely the real mental challenge. And it lasted fifteen long minutes! Thank you @marci_bomb for the send belay and all the other people cheering! And... merci Céüse💚 • JUNGLE BOOGIE [9a+] ✔️ • #climbing #falling #ceuse #france @camp1889 @scarpaspa @dfsportspecialist @rockexperienceofficial @ragnidilecco @asd_ragnidilecco @skillsrls

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Stefano Carnati (@teto_carnati) am

Margo Hayes (US) klettert Kryptonite (5.14d) an der Fortress of Solitude (US)

Moritz Welt (DE) klettert Riders of Doom (8c+/9a) im Frankenjura

Yenya Kazbekova klettert Father and Son (8c) im Frankenjura

Erstbegehung: Domen Skofic (SL) klettert Umetnost (9a)

Laura Rogora (IT) klettert The Bomb (9a)

Erstbegehung: Yannis Gauthier (FR) klettert La prophétie des grenouilles (9a) in Argentière-la-Bessée (FR)

Molly Thompson-Smith (GB) klettert New Orleans Heavy Weight Division (8c) im Frankenjura (DE)

Erstbegehung: Stefano Ghisolfi (IT) klettert L'inchino (9a+) in Arco (IT)

Marine Thevenet (FR) klettert Stage divers (Fb 8B)

Jonatan Flor (ES) klettert Patanics (9b)

Hazel Findlay klettert The Quarryman (E8 7a)

Luca Rinaldi (IT) klettert Gliese 581 (Fb 8B+) in Mailand (IT)

Veronika Frank (DE) klettert Battle Cat (8c+) im Frankenjura

Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen klettert Gepresster Hase (Fb 8B+) am Sustenpass (CH)...

... und From shallow waters to riverbed (8B+) im Magic Wood (CH)

Eva Hammelmüller (AT) klettert Passport to Honesty (8c) in Niederthai (AT)

Drew Ruana (US) klettert Creme de la Crumb (V14) in Mount Evans (US)

Daniel Woods (US) klettert Creme de la Crumb (V14) in Mount Evans (US)

Mina Markovic (SL) klettert Halupca 1979 (9a) in Osp (SL)

Kieran Forrest (GB) klettert Liquid Ambar (8c+) in Lower Pen Trwyn, Wales (GB)

Erstbegehung: Jimmy Webb (US) klettert Wishing Well (V13) in Kalifornien (US)

Tine Hafsaas (NO) klettert Nordic Plumber (8c) in Flatanger (NO)

Cedric Lachat (CH) klettert WoGü (11-, SL) im Rätikon (CH)

Patxi Usobiaga (ES) klettert La Fuga (9a)

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