Silvia Vidal - Queen of Aidclimbing

Video: Silvia Vidal - Leidenschaft: Technisch und solo klettern Silvia Vidal - Queen of Aidclimbing

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Die Katalanin Silvia Vidal ist bekannt für ihre Alleingänge an großen Wänden. Bevorzugt klettert sie technisch an Big Walls - und das auch noch solo.

Highlights der Kletterkarriere von Silvia Vidal

  • Catalunya: Repetition of the routes Mirall Impenetrable (A5) and Vudú (A4+) on the wall of Aeri de Montserrat, both with Pep Masip and the second also with Pere Vilarasau. Incontinència d'Inconsciència (A5) with Pep Masip and Miquel Puigdomènench. And Silenci (A5/6b+) on the Ecos wall of Montserrat, with Eloi Callado.

      Naranjo de Bulnes (Picu Urriellu), Asturias: Solo ascent of Principado de Asturias (A4). Awarded the "Piolet de Oro" of the FEDME (Spanish Mountain Federation). In 1998 a new route in the winter Tramuntana (A4+/7a+) with 11 bivouacs, partnered by Pep Masip. Also the repetition of the mythical Sueños de Invierno (A4+) with Oscar Cacho. Yosemite National Park (California), El Capitan and other walls in the area: Repetitions of Mescalito, Zenyatta Mondatta, Sea of Dreams, The Shield and Reticent Wall (A5) on El Capitan. Solo ascents of Zodiac and Wyoming Sheep Ranch (9 bivouacs) on El Capitan. And a new route on the Porcelain Wall Sargantana (A4) with Pep Masip. Three trips to the Karakorum, Pakistan: To the Nagma valley, relatively unknown at the time. Brakk Zang's first ascent, opening the route Ganyips. Returning a year later with Pep Masip and also Miquel Puigdomènech to open the route Sol Solet (1,650m A5/6c+/60degrees) on Amin Brakk (5,850 meters altitude). 32 consecutive days on the wall. And Life is Lilac (A4+ 6a) on Shipton Spire, 21 days alone on the wall. In a different climate, travelling to the Arctic Circle on Baffin Island (Canada) with Frank Van Herreweghe, we opened the route "Sangtraït" on Turnweather Peak. In 2009, Mount Asgard by the route The Belgarian with Nico and Olivier Favresse, Sean Villanueva and Stéphane Hanssens. A first foray to the Andes, Huascaran North (Cordillera Blanca, Peru) with Youri Cappis to climb a new route on the East face, Entre Boires 930 meters and 18 days on the wall. The Indian Himalaya: In the Miyar valley, two new routes: The first with Eloi Callado, Mai Blau on Neverseen Tower, and the second a solo ascent of Castle Peak by the route 7 d'Espases. The last trip to the Kinnaur valley, a solo climb of a virgin wall which I still don't know the name of but is located in the Kailash Parbat massif. Naufragi, 25 days on the wall.

Silvia: "Thanks to all of my climbing and/or travel partners (cited or not) for the good moments. And the copperheads, hooks and pitons; for holding me up."

Speedclimbing am El Capitan, Yosemite:

Alex Honnold & Hans Florine Speedclimbing

KL-yosemite-Nose-Record-2012-1)  CIMG_0197 (JPG)
KL-yosemite-Nose-Record-2012-1)  CIMG_0197 (JPG) KL-yosemite-Nose-Record-2012-2)  CIMG_3624 (JPG) KL-yosemite-Nose-Record-2012-3)  CIMG_3632 (JPG) KL-yosemite-Nose-Record-2012-5)  CIMG_3652 (JPG) 12 Bilder
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