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Wer hat was geklettert? Erstbegehungen & News aus der Kletterwelt gibt's hier. Diesmal dabei: Giuliano Cameroni, Nina Caprez, Max Räuber, Andreas Kösl & viele mehr

Es war zwar heiß über den Sommer, doch nicht überall. Wer klug genug war, hat sich entweder in die Höhe oder in kühlere Gefilde verzogen, um dort was zu ziehen... hier gibt's den Überblick über die härtesten Züge der letzten Wochen.

Erstbegehung: Jorge Diaz-Rullo (ES) klettert Patanics (9b) in Rodellar (ES)

Pete Whittaker klettert Recovery Drink (8c+) im Jossingfjord, Norwegen

Christof Rauch (AT) klettert Herkules (8c) am Götterwandl (AT)

Erstbegehung: Jonatan Flor klettert Apocalipsis de la gioconda (9b) in Rodellar (ES)

Andreas Kösl (DE) klettert One Summer in Paradise (Fb 8B) in Magic Wood (CH)

Moritz Welt (DE) klettert Hattori Hanzo (8c+) im Frankenjura (DE)...

...& bringt eine fette Ticklist aus Briancon zurück

David Firnenburg (DE) klettert 6.4 Sekunden (8b+, 7SL) an der Fürenwand (CH)

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„6.4 Sekunden“ (8b/8b+, 7 pitches)✅ • What a fabulous day! This line hasn’t seen any repeat in the last 13 years. That’s a long time. Matthias „Trotti“ Trottmann did the FA back in 2006. It has been tried but never repeated. Last Saturday I could redpoint all pitches in one push, completing the 2nd free ascent. It took me one day to check it out and to clean it and one day to send it. Happy and relieved! • Thank you for establishing this great line and for your support throughout my ascent, Matthias🙏 I know that it took a lot of work to drill and clean all this. You had a great vision. My respect to all of your effort! • None of the hard pitches is a gift. 6c, 8b/8b+, 8a+, 8a, 8a, 7c+ and 7b. The send of pitch 5 was the crux of the whole project for me personally. I won’t forget how I somehow pulled myself over the wet holds in its first hard section, nearly slipped in the slab right afterwards and found my way through the long run-out on loose rock. Couldn’t believe it when I clipped the anchor. Adventurous! • This route tested my nerves and it was a great new challenge and experience in alpine terrain. I enjoyed all of its facets and especially its diverse climbing styles. Mainly crimps and slopers in overhangs, vertical walls, slabs and bulges. • I feel like this route needs some more attention. It would be nice to see some of the MP pro‘s and youngsters to give it a try. Come on guys 😉💪👊 • Motivated for more! Cheers David✌️ #makemovesnotwar @scarpa_de @neprosport @frictionlabs @escaladrome_hannover @haglofs #davsektionrheinlandköln #chalkmatters #keepclimbing #noplacetoofar #frictionlabs

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Max Räuber (DE) klettert Tuataket (Fb 8B) in Norwegen

Erstbegehung: Nina Caprez (CH), Roger Schaeli (CH) und Sean Villanueva (BE) klettern Merci la Vie am Eiger (CH)

Nina Caprez klettert New Age (8a+) im Rätikon in einem Tag

Jonathan Cardwell (US) klettert Diarrhea Mouth (9a) in Rifle (US)

Paul Robinson klettert Doppelgänger Poltergeist in RMNP

Siebe Vanhee (BE) klettert Silbergeier (8b+) im Rätikon (CH)

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* Silbergeier ✅ - Historical Multipitch Rätikon * It happened again, yesterday I managed to sent Silbergeier, 8b+, 6 pitches in Rätikon. This time I sent every pitch in just one go, only on my fourth day on the route. After ‘Yeah Man’ (8b+ multipitch) on the 8th of August I figured I was in pretty good technical limestone shape, so I came to Rätikon to check out the Beat Kammerlander masterpiece. Without any expectation... that’s the best! I tried the route the last 2 weeks three days with @jacopolarcher . Despite some humid and often warm conditions we managed to figure out the moves and precise footwork. After some restdays and the Global Climbing Day in Milan, I partnered up with @michiwohlleben for a real sent try. He was happy to support me all day and follow every pitch. Thanks to Jacopo and Michi for this great support on the route. Good partners are so important! What a summer, two mega high quality and difficult multipitches in the alps! I’m up for more in september, but first some rest days in little Belgian Land. 😉 @thenorthface @thenorthface_climb @thenorthfaceuk @thenorthfacede @thenorthfaceit @petzl_official @lasportivagram @avventuraoutdoor @totemmt @climbskinspain @frigyesvandenauweele @sportpraktijk @klimclubhungariavzw ⁣ #neverstopexploring #lasportiva #foryourmountain #weareclimbers #multipitchclimbing #limestoneclimbing #rockclimbing #switserland #sportclimbing #rätikon #silbergeier #swissclimbing #climbing_picture_of_instagram #outdoorclimbing #climbing #climbing_lovers #climbing_is_my_passion #rockclimbing_pictures_of_instagram #rockclimbingfun #escalade #grimper #kletteren #escalar #climbingtrip #alps #testpiece

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Erstbegehung: Giuliano Cameroni (CH) klettert House of the rising sun (Fb 8B) im Flash

Kaddi Lehmann (DE) klettert Leopard Cave (Fb 8A+)

Tom Lindinger (DE) klettert Opium (Fb 8B) in Blaueishütte

Dave Graham (US) klettert Paradise Lost (8B/+) am Sustenpass (CH)

Daisuke Ichimiya (JP) klettert Finnish Line (8C/V15) in Rocklands (ZA)

Erstbegehungen in Rocklands von Giuliano Cameroni, Keenan Takahashi & Chad Greedy

Daniel Woods klettert Sleepwalker (V16)

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