KL Sasha DiGiulian klettert in Oliana, Spanien Javi Pec

Die härtesten Begehungen

Highlights: Jimmy Webb, Doro Karalus, Christof Rauch, Adam Ondra und weitere

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Harte Züge und krasse Moves: Hier kommen die Highlights der letzten Wochen in Sachen Klettern und Bouldern.

Vom Frankenjura bis in die Schweiz, von den USA bis nach Spanien: Hier gibt es die härtesten Züge der letzten Wochen im Überblick.

Dorothea Karalus (DE) bouldert 'La Danse des Balrogs' (Fb 8B) im Valais (CH)

... und 'Happy Camper' (Fb 8A+) im Frankenjura

Thomas Lindinger (DE) bouldert 'Apokalypse now’ (Fb 8B/+) im Frankenjura

Nina Williams (US) klettert 'Bambi' (V12)

Erstbegehung von Paul Robinson (US): 'Jumpman' (V14)

Jon Cardwell (US) klettert 'La Rambla' (9a+) in Siurana

Video von Martin Keller (CH) in 'Big Kat' (Fb 8B+), Chironico (CH)

Jimmy Webb (US): Erstbegehung in Fontainebleau 'PH13' (Fb 8B)

Jimmy wiederholt 'Saruman du bas' (Fb 8B)

Jimmy Webb wiederholt 'Dreamtime' (Fb 8C) in Cresciano

Jimmy Webb, Erstbegehung 'Yayali' (V14), kalifornische Sierra

Moritz Perschwitzky (DE) wiederholt 'Phaeton' (FB 8B) und 'Riot Act' (Fb 8B/+) im Frankenjura

Daniel Woods (US) klettert 'La Capella' (9b) in Siurana

... und 'Jungle Speed' (9a)

Adam Ondra (CZ) hakt Massone ab: Erstbegehung von 'Pure Dreaming' (9a)

Erstbegehung: Nina Caprez (CH) klettert 'Swarm' (8b) in Leonidio (GR)

Clément Lechaptois (FR) klettert 'Bleu Sacré' (Fb 8B) & Karma (Fb 8A+) in Fontainebleau

Alban Levier (FR) wiederholt 'La théorie des jeux' (8a+), 'Ouroboros' (8a+) & 'Déforestation' (8a)

David Mason (GB) klettert 'Cypher' (Fb 8B) in North Yorkshire, England

Nils Favre (CH) klettert 'Lex Luthor' (V13) in Joe's Valley, Utah

Martin Stranik (CZ) bouldert 'Der mit dem Fels tanzt' (Fb 8C)

Anna Liina Laitinen (FI) klettert 'Pati noso' (8c+) in Siurana

Paige Claassen (US) klettert Necessary Evil (5.14c), Virgin River Gorge, AZ (USA)

Everyone always leaves the photo cred til the end, so I’ll just slink this one in. @tarakerzhner, way to manage those painters poles! A life goal achieved! Finally held that little coin stack long enough to slot my hand in that crackie chan and hold on for the ride to the top. After working Necessary Evil 3 years ago and bailing because it got to warm, I spent the last 2 months of 2017 moonboarding and weight training according to my training program written by @justensjong. I asked Justen to write me a training program to prep for NE during the harvest season in Namibia. I had a lot of very picky constraints: 14 hour work days in the pack house meant I only had an hour to train each day, maybe 2 on Sunday, and basically zero mental or emotional energy. The only equipment I had available was my moonboard, a BeastMaker, rings, a trx, and dumbbells. I was not willing to do cardio because I knew I would be too tired from work, and who wants to run or do much of anything when it’s over 100 degrees outside? I stuck to my program, enjoying the hour of physical relief each day after work, without having to put in the mental effort of choosing workouts or deciding whether to commit to another set (also air conditioning, yay). I followed what the program said, and came out on the other end with more power than perhaps I’ve ever had. I rocked up to the VRG having not tied into a rope or climbed outside in 3 months. But that meant 3 months of pent up excitement. My fitness was pretty low, and I got pumped between every bolt, but I climbed a bonus route each day after trying NE to build up my fitness. After 3 weeks, I sent my fitness proj (Dude), rested for 2 days, prayed for confidence, and ate a bunch of sweet potatoes, and voilá, the magic concoction worked. Here’s to not needing the fanciest gym in the world, or even a gym at all to train for your goals. Motivation is sometimes all you need. Thanks to @emilyaharrington for all your support and pump up songs. And @arjandekock for helping me stay confident and psyched and also to my parents for coming out at the beginning of my trip to support and belay me! The end.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Paige Claassen (@paigeclaassen) am

Michaela Kiersch (US) klettert Necessary Evil (5.14c), Virgin River Gorge

Adam Ondra Erstbegehung: 'Eagle 4' (9b)

Gerard Rull (ES) klettert 'La Rambla' (9a+) in Siurana

Natalie Bärtschi (CH) klettert 'Frogger' (Fb 8A) in Brione

Alex Khazanov (ISR) klettert 'Mithril sit' (Fb 8B+) in Cresciano

Alex Khazanov bouldert 'Ninja Skills' (Fb 8B+) in Sobrio, Tessin (CH)

Guillaume Glairon-Mondet (FR) klettert 'Tigre et Dragon 2.0 (Fb 8A+) in Fontainebleau

... und 'Saruman bas' (Fb 8B)

Daisuke Ichimiya (JAP) bouldert 'Gekirin' (V15)

Christof Rauch (AUT) klettert 'Story of two Worlds' (Fb 8C) in Cresciano

Christof zerlegt das Frankenjura

Christoph Rauch klettert 'Sid lives' (9a) in Nago, Gardasee (IT)

Erstbegehung von Joe Kinder (US): Life of Villains (9a+) in Utah

Sasha DiGiulian (US) klettert 'Full Equip/T1' (8b+/8c) in Oliana (ES)

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