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Harte Boulder: Jule Wurm, Nina Williams, Melissa Le Neve, Isabelle Faus

Harte Boulder: Jule Wurm, Nina Williams, Melissa Le Neve, Isabelle Faus

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In den letzten Wochen konnten einige Boulderinnen harte Nummern abknipsen. Melissa Le Neve konnte die zweite weibliche 8B-Begehung in Fontainebleau realisieren.

  • Juliane Wurm klettert Zarzaparilla und 5 TEC-B36-L5 (beide Fb 8a+) in Albarracin und Conviction (Fb 8a) in Fontainebleau

      Isabelle Faus hat The Wheel of Chaos (V14) bouldern können (Video) Nina Williams klettert den Highball Ambrosia (V11) Melissa Le Neve gelingt La Cicatrice de l'Ohm (Fb 8b) in Fontainebleau

Jule Wurm in Albarracin

Jules Kommentar:
"Perfect last day!! Today I sent Zarzaparrilla (8A+)! After falling on the last move a few times, the send got even sweeter!"

Jules Kommentar:
"Had a sunny and great climbing day at Albarracin and I managed to climb this boulder, with the cryptic name 5 TEC-B36-L5 (8A+) (Smiley). I love bouldering in Spain!"

Jule Wurm in Fontainebleau

Jules Kommentar:
"Conviction (8A)! Had a freezing cold but much fun start into 2017 surrounded with my favorite people on earth!!

Isabelle Faus klettert 'Wheel of Chaos' (8B)

Im Februar konnte Isabelle Faus noch Free Range (V13) in Boulder Canyon klettern und danach noch in Flagstaff Bambi (V11).

Isabelle Faus in Wheel of Chaos RMNP (Video)

Nina Williams klettert 'Ambrosia' (V11)

Ninas Kommentar:
"The Grandpa Peabody has captivated my attention ever since I laid eyes on it. I climbed Footprints during my first Bishop trip in 2015. I climbed Evilution Direct during my second trip in 2016. Now, on my third trip, I climbed Ambrosia: the final problem of the Grandpa Peabody king line trifecta. These trio of lines have represented, to me, the essence of the Buttermilks: a frontier for facing personal barriers. I definitely had to face mine during this process. Still realizing that it really happened – or wasitjustadream ?? HUGE thanks to pad donators Greg Locker and Nayton Rosales (also for the photo). A special thanks to James Lucas for believing in me and spotting me even when I was 55ft off the deck ... You guys are awesome."

Melissa Le Neve

Die französische Kletterin Melissa Le Neve konnte mit ihrer Begehung von La Cicatrice de l'Ohm zeigen, dass die Beendigung ihrer Wettkampfkarriere keine schlechte Entscheidung war.

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